On Tuesday, August 22nd and Wednesday, August 23rd, the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center (OKSBDC) and Small Business Administration (SBA) will host Supplier Search Interviews with participating Industry and Defense organizations.

The purpose of these interviews is to provide contracting organizations the opportunity to acquire information on the capabilities of business and evaluate future opportunities.

Representatives from participating Industry and Defense organizations will be interviewing businesses during the 15 or 20 minute interview sessions. Please note: not all participating organizations will conduct interviews on both days of the Supplier Search Interviews.

Online registration for interview times is available by clicking HERE. Seperate online registration is available for the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing HERE.

You must be a registered Tinker and the Primes attendee to participate in the Supplier Search interviews. Registration for remaining interview time slots will be available beginning Monday, August 21st at the OKSBDC booth located outside the second-floor Joyner Room, across from the Exhibition Hall.

Registration for remaining interview time slots with the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing will be managed at their booth (#35) inside the second-floor Exhibition Hall.

Those seeking an interview must submit a capabilities statement that will be made available for representatives to review. If openings are not available, a waiting list will be available.

These interviews are open-to-the-public and none will be considered closed-door.

Click HERE to view a list of participating Industry and Defense organizations, including an overview of each and NAIS Codes/Procurement Opportunities.