6 Proven and Tested Social Media Marketing

Tips to Improve Your Business's Visibility

With over 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, utilizing associated channels helps you to spread the word about your business and gain patronage from numerous individuals.

Although gaining social media visibility for your firm isn’t smooth sailing, it’s possible. To achieve the reach required to stay ahead of the competition, it’ll be best to integrate specific social media marketing tips that have worked for numerous small and large-scale businesses.

In the subsequent lines, we’ll examine six proven and tested social media marketing tips to increase your business’s visibility and attract customers. Let’s dive in!


Seeking Increased Visibility for Your Business on Social Media? Adopt These 6 Marketing Tips

Some decades ago, advertising your business’s offerings in newspapers would have earned you customers within your vicinity. But with technology leading the charge, social media has become the bane of all marketing efforts.

To amass visibility on related platforms, apply these six marketing tips:

#1 Create a Strategy

Your end goal for using social media channels might be to grow your business. That’s fine. However, to reach this stage, you’d need to create a rock-solid strategy.

If you run a mid-sized business, delegate social media marketing tasks to several individuals. Ensure that each person understands their responsibilities and executes them accordingly.

Afterward, map out how often you’d like to post content on your page. When creating a posting schedule, consider these factors:

  • Your target audience
  • Topics your prospective clients like
  • The content you’ve already created
  • Social media channels required for information dissemination

Due to unforeseen circumstances, most businesses in Midwest City find it difficult to adhere to their posting schedule 100%. To ensure your firm’s social media posts go out on time, consider utilizing social media scheduling tools like Sprout Social and HootSuite.

By keeping to your posting timelines, your business cements itself as “committed” while earning a decent following.

#2 Monitor Conversations and Form Relationships

According to a survey, 61% of respondents affirmed “engagement with the audience” as an essential characteristic for brands on social media. As an entrepreneur, ensure you engage and form meaningful relationships with your audience.

When customers reach out with a positive review, a simple “Thank you” or “We’re glad you loved our product” response via the comment section, or DM should suffice. Conversely, if a patron writes something negative, issue apologetic replies. Companies that respond and engage with customers will increase their reputation in the long run.

Since most customers might not comment on your business’s social media handles, consider social listening tools to track each time your brand’s name pops up in a conversation. That way, you’ll be able to follow up on pressing issues effectively.

Notable tips for forging relationships with your followers on social media include:

  • Repost user-generated content related to your business
  • Deliver prompt replies to questions
  • Create a unique customer service page
  • Organize giveaways and contests

#3 Use Visuals

As you create content for your social media channels, it’ll be best to integrate visuals like GIFs, infographics, videos, and pictures. Since visuals are easily understandable by your audience, they’ll invariably direct traffic to your page via likes, comments, and shares.

DID YOU KNOW: A study suggests that our brains interpret visuals 60,000 times faster than written content. As an entrepreneur looking to attract customers, make informative and funny visuals part of your marketing efforts.

#4 Create Value

Most entities think social media marketing is all about selling to their followers. Albeit true, continuing on this route gives your business a desperate look.

Rather than focusing on the selling, create content hosting relevant and exciting information for your followers. That way, you’ll be able to gain their trust and interest over time.

When they know featured page posts aren’t geared towards your business’s offerings all the time, they’ll carve out time to read and share, increasing engagements in the long run.

#5 Be Open to Suggestions

As an entrepreneur, it’s almost impossible to be “all-knowing.” Thus, allow your followers to leave feedback and suggestions. Besides building trust, you’ll get crucial context about your business and what you can do to improve your offerings by leaving the “suggestion” box open for all and sundry.

Not all suggestions might be excellent. Be ready for strongly-worded messages. Regardless of what tone your followers’ recommendations might feature, be appreciative and implement feedback that’ll edge your business to the success levels you’ve always craved.

NOTE: A survey highlights that 77% of consumers favor brands that ask and accept feedback. To aid your social media marketing efforts, consider creating polls to see what your followers think about your business's modus operandi.


#6 Monitor the Competition

If you’d like to improve your entity’s visibility on social media, see what competing companies are doing. As such, you can understudy their social media marketing efforts and cement the gaps in yours.

By researching the platforms, post schedules, and incentives utilized by the competition to gain more followers, you’ll be able to create a social media marketing strategy that’ll prevent your business from getting outshone.

Parting Shot

Social media can take your business from obscurity to unprecedented fame. Utilizing the marketing tips highlighted in this article will give your company the visibility it deserves in the global marketplace.