Our programs have various goals and benefits, which help you develop team building, networking, communication skills, among others.

Military Awards Program

More than 30 years ago, the Midwest City Chamber of Commerce created the Tinker Quarterly Awards Program with Tinker Air Force Base.

The objective is to provide support for our military personnel and boost their morale.


Youth Excel Leadership Program

Youth Excel Leadership Program has various goals. It helps identify youths with potential leadership qualities and teaches them how to develop that potential.

Leadership Midwest City

With Leadership Midwest City, participants can get to know the Midwest City area better. This program provides you with in-depth exposure to the area, taking you through eleven sessions that involve tours, demos, presentations, and dialogue between speakers and participants.


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All our programs help improve the quality of life for the whole community, making the area a better place for you to reside and a better place to do business